As a member of the fund, you have the option of moving a portion of or all your retirement savings into a living annuity provided by the fund when you retire. Investing in this living annuity is effectively the same as ‘buying’ a cost-effective pension. Annuitants continue to benefit from not only the low investment fees they were used to as active members of the Fund but also the sound governance practices overseen by the Board of Trustees.

At retirement when you invest in the In-Fund living annuity, you select one of two options which will determine the investment of your retirement capital and the amount of your monthly pension:
  • Trustee endorsed option
This means that your savings are invested for you in the consolidation phase of the fund. The amount of money you can take (draw down) from your retirement capital as a pension income is a fixed percentage of your retirement capital. This percentage then increases every five years
  • Customised option
You can choose to invest in any one or more of the LA Retirement Fund’s four investment options (i.e. the accumulation, consolidation or preservation phases or the Shari’ah investment portfolio). This flexibility also allows you to choose the investment option from where your monthly income must be paid. In addition, you are required to select your draw down rate from a range applicable to your age band. This effectively allows you to choose the percentage of your total retirement savings you can access as your pension income. You can then adjust this draw down rate every year by selecting the appropriate rate to meet your needs from the range provided.
As an In-Fund living annuitant, you may elect to switch from the trustee endorsed option to the customised option and vice versa once a year on the anniversary of your retirement.

Of course, you don’t have to invest your retirement savings in the LA Retirement Fund In-Fund living annuity when you retire. You also have the option of investing your savings in any other annuity you choose, or taking some, or all, of your savings in cash*.

The benefit is subject to taxation
The payment of cash lump sums on retirement is subject to the annuitization rules that came into effect on 1 March 2021. Please click here to read more about this.
All insurance benefits (death, disability, funeral and the critical illness benefit) cease when you retire from the Fund. If you purchase the In-Fund Living Annuity you have the once-off option of purchasing an affordable funeral cover benefit for yourself and your spouse. You may choose the cover amount applicable to your age group.
See our In-Fund Living Annuity Questions and Answers booklet – Click Here
Watch a webinar on the  In-Fund Living Annuity here 

You must be in it to win

On page 3 of the December 2022 Member Newsletter, we announced a competition, where you could win a prize.

All you need to do is have your photo taken next to the Fund’s calendar and/or poster and send it to us. The competition closes on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.

Please send the photo to:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 081 778 0923

When sending in the photo, please tell us your name, your pension number or identity number and which municipality you work at. Please note that subject to the discretion of the Fund, all or some of the pictures submitted, may be published on the Funds’ website and/or on the Funds’ Facebook page.

Hurry to enter the competition, your photo could win the prize!