Free family support service


All members automatically have access to a free support service called the Family Assistance Service or Reality Access from Sanlam. It’s a lifestyle and rewards programme designed to reward you for living a financially responsible life and it empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to get financially fit. The benefits of this programme are as follows:

Reality Access for SGR Benefits Table

Discount Coupons

Make your money go further with discount coupons on a variety of groceries.

Monthly shopping discount codes via SMS, redeemable at Shoprite and Checkers. Subject to the provision of contact details.

Ivy Online education platform

Access a free online supplementary education platform based on the CAPS curriculum for Grades 8 to 12. Access free e-books, videos, podcasts and quizzes.

Sign up for replacement schooling at discounted rates with Ivy Academy. Qualified teachers will assist you in studying for the NSC (National Senior Certificate) or Cambridge qualification.

Materials and content are optimised for low bandwidth and data usage to provide support for up to six learners per family.

Burial Repatriation &

Funeral Support

24/7 Helpline.

Arranging transport of mortal remains to final funeral home in South Africa.

Assistance with funeral arrangements.

Legal Assist

24/7 Legal advice helpline manned by qualified in-house attorneys.

Assistance with standardised legal documents and direct legal consultation.

Referrals for face-to-face legal help, with the first 30 minutes free, as well as one free letter of demand and one free telephone call made on member’s behalf

Emergency Medical Response

24/7 Emergency helpline for you, your spouse and children while waiting for emergency services.

Emergency medical assistance and transportation by road or air in case of life-threatening situations.

Safe removal of children from accident scene and administering of life-saving medication.

Trauma, Assault &

HIV Assist

24/7 Emergency helpline for you, your spouse and children for trauma, assault and exposure to HIV.

Medical treatment for bodily injury caused by assault

24/7 Trauma, assault and HIV support immediately after accidental or violent exposure

Telephonic assistance for general, non-emergency medical consultation and advice

Wealth Sense Portal

Online calculators and tools.

Information relating to finances, safety and health

Sanlam dedicated call-centre details:

Call: 0860 732 548 or 9

You must be in it to win

On page 3 of the December 2022 Member Newsletter, we announced a competition, where you could win a prize.

All you need to do is have your photo taken next to the Fund’s calendar and/or poster and send it to us. The competition closes on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.

Please send the photo to:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 081 778 0923

When sending in the photo, please tell us your name, your pension number or identity number and which municipality you work at. Please note that subject to the discretion of the Fund, all or some of the pictures submitted, may be published on the Funds’ website and/or on the Funds’ Facebook page.

Hurry to enter the competition, your photo could win the prize!