Why us


Retirement starts with a vision and comes to life with a plan and a financial partner who understands how to help you achieve your retirement goals. Joining a retirement fund that has your best interest at heart and who will generate and protect retirement wealth, is of critical importance. The LA Retirement Fund has a legacy of integrity and a brand history you can totally trust. Our members advocate for the Fund.

In 1943 the Cape Joint Pension Fund was established to provide superior retirement benefits for local government employees. In 2016, the Fund transferred its last few defined benefit members across to its defined contribution structure and rebranded itself as the LA Retirement Fund. All new members join the Fund’s defined contribution structure.

With its large pool of pensioners, and solid governance practices, this reliable fund has a proud history of strong investment returns that has consistently outperformed its peers.

As a local government employee or councillor, the Fund recognises your right to choose your own risk benefits, at affordable rates. Many funds force you to choose your risk benefits from a list of predefined risk benefits which they call categories. With this approach you must choose a category that best matches your personal needs even if it means that you pay for benefits you don’t want. Like it or not, you end up subsidising the insured premium for other members. With us, you are in control as you choose only what you want, and the rest of your contribution is invested in your member savings account for retirement.

Just as all vehicle manufacturers are not the same, all funds are not the same. Even though many vehicles offer similar features the design and engineering of those features are not equal. The most important features in any vehicle are those pertaining to safety and the protection of the occupants of the vehicle. That is what you get when you join the LA Retirement Fund. You get a Fund where the Board of Trustees actively concerns itself with protecting the wealth it has generated for members. For most members, their retirement savings from their fund forms the bulk of their retirement provision.
The world-renowned Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto once said “Just ask the local people for the best food. Don’t rely on a guidebook.” In the same way, ask our members which fund is best. Ask the 52% of our local authority members who the Fund made millionaires or the 25% who are multi-millionaires or those for whom the Fund has amassed more than R20 million in retirement savings. Our promises are not what we say they are. They are what we produce!

You must be in it to win

On page 3 of the December 2022 Member Newsletter, we announced a competition, where you could win a prize.

All you need to do is have your photo taken next to the Fund’s calendar and/or poster and send it to us. The competition closes on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.

Please send the photo to:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 081 778 0923

When sending in the photo, please tell us your name, your pension number or identity number and which municipality you work at. Please note that subject to the discretion of the Fund, all or some of the pictures submitted, may be published on the Funds’ website and/or on the Funds’ Facebook page.

Hurry to enter the competition, your photo could win the prize!