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 LA Retirement Fund Retirement Webinars

The Fund believes it is important to empower their members to retire affordably. Please watch these interesting videos which deal with various aspects of the retirement savings journey.  There are 4 videos with the longest being around 30 minutes.  We will hold a Question & Answer session in January where you can pose any questions you might have.  Please encourage your fellow colleagues who are members of the LA Retirement Fund to watch these videos. 


Member Education Session November 2020

Retirement webinar series
* The information provided is clearly for information purposes and there can be no claim against the LA Retirement Fund, Verso or parties taking part in the webinar.

In-Fund Living Annuity webinar October 2020

Induction video

Introduction to the LA Retirement Fund

Annual General Meeting 2020 presentation videos

Lets talk about the Q2 Investments